/ Performance Art

Mirelle Martins 
TRIBE Creative Director

Current – December 2019

Creative Director | TRIBE
Founding Artist and Creative Director of the Afrofuturistic arts collective known as TRIBE (Artistic Director: Shamel Pitts).

>> | @itsatribe

March 2020 – November 2016

Performer & Producer

| Black Velvet – Architectures And Archetypes
Award-Winning live performance artwork. Choreography by Shamel Pitts. Lights & Video-mapping by Lucca Del Carlo. Costume Design by David Gap. Photography by Alex Apt, Itai Zwecker, Mauricio Pisani. Video Trailer by Ido Cohen.



FEB / MARCH | Australia

Adelaide Festival 

“Black Velvet” at Adelaide Festival (Australia) – 2020


APRIL | Chapel Hill, USA

Carolina Performing Arts – UNC 

MAY| Brooklyn, NYC

BAM Fisher

JUNE | Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Festival Cena Brasil Internacional 

JULY | Stuttgart – Germany

Colours Festival

JULY | Verbania – Italy |

Cross Festival – 2019


Oct | Kaunas, Lithuania

Aura Dance Festival

Sep | Baltimore, MA

University of Baltimore (UMBC)

Jul | Berlin, Germany

Dock 11 | Eden Studios

Aug | Singapore

M1 /Binary Contact Dance Festival

Aug | Vienna, Austria
ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival

May | Atlanta, USA

gloATL, Atlanta Symphony Hall

Mar | Belo Horizonte, Brazil

SESC Palladium

Mar| São Paulo, Brazil

Sesc 24 de Maio

Jan | New York City

14th Street Y Theater (Apap)


Dec | Jerusalem, Israel

Machol Shalem International Dance Festival

Dec | Tel Aviv, Israel

Suzanne Dellal | Inbal Theater
Sep | Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF 2017)
Aug | Berlin Germany

Dock 11 | Eden Studios


Nov | São Paulo, Brazil

Teatro Sérgio Cardoso

*Premiere* (11/11/2016)

October 2019 – Jul 2018

Performer & Costume Designer

| BLACK HOLE – Trilogy and Triathlon
Choreography by Shamel Pitts. With Tushrik Fredericks. Photography by Anna Kazanova. Video Trailer by Ido Cohen.



Oct | São Paulo, Brazil

Itaú Cultural 

Aug | Berlin, Germany

Dock 11 | Eden Studios
JULY | Spoleto – Italy

Fuori Festival 

JUNE | Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Festival Cena Brasil Internacional 
JULY | Firenze – Italy

Fabricca Europa Festival 

MARCH | Atlanta – USA

GloATL Rhodes Theater 

/2018 (work in progress)

Dec | Jerusalem, Israel

The Israel Museum

“Black Hole” in the exhibition “Fashion Statements: Decoding Israeli Dress.”

Oct | Verbania, Italy
Cross Awards 2018

Sep | Sofia, Bulgaria
National Palace of Culture – The Azaryan Theater

Jul-Aug | Berlin, Germany

Dock 11 | Eden Studios

/ Workshops

2019 – 2015

Producer & Live Translator (ENG/PT)

| Gaga (Ohad Naharin’s Movement Language)

Idealization and production of GAGA BRAZIL , yearly courses of Gaga/people and Gaga/dancers classes and workshops in Brazil. In partnership with Shamel Pitts and Carolina Amares.


Casa PalcoSão Paulo, SP
Itaú Cultural São Paulo, SP
Clube Hebraica São Paulo, SP
CCBB – RJ (Festival Cena Brasil)

SESC 24 de Maio – São Paulo, SP
SESC Palladium – Belo Horizonte, MG

Casa PalcoSão Paulo, SP

-São Paulo Cia de Dança , São Paulo, SP
Tentáculo Dança – São Paulo, SP
Grupo Corpo – Belo Horizonte, MG
Teatro Cacilda Becker – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Itaú Cultural
– São Paulo, SP

/ Video Poetry

#experimentospoeticos (2012 – 2015)
videopoetry project in collaboration with Anna Zêpa, Brazilian Writer and Actress.
And Marcelo Cabral (Music).

Role: Images, Video editing

Group Exhibitions:

Group Exhibition “POESIA AGORA” – Museu da Língua Portuguesa – São Paulo – SP

NO LOMBO DO BURRO – A7ma Galeria and Sesc Pinheiros – São Paulo, SP
Poetry by Anna Zêpa. Music by Kiko Dinucci. (São Paulo, 2014)

/ Exhibition

Live Sculpture by Adam Kalinowski
Site-Specific project created for Museum of Brazilian Sculpture in São Paulo (MuBE-SP)
in partnership with Ecotelhado.

Role: Curator, Executive Producer

Site-Specific Exhibition: Jan-Out 2013

THE CORE (2011)
by Adam Kalinowski
Site-Specific Happening, Live Sculpture at MIS/SP (Image and Sound Museum – São Paulo)
Role: Curator, Producer

IN VOID (2011)
by Adam Kalinowski
Sculpture Exhibition at MuBE/SP (Museum of Brazilian Sculpture in São Paulo)
Role: Curator, Producer

/ Advertising

/Advertising Portfolio (Copywriter)

(São Paulo, 2008-2016)

Loducca’s Creative Director Guga Ketzer in interview about the project “Era uma vez um cinzeiro” (2009)
Pavan Sukhdev, author of the book “Corporation 2020” in a Live Streaming Sustentability Event for Carrefour Brazil (2015)
Video Documentary with 11 episodes on YouTube to celebrate 40 years of Carrefour on Brazil. (São Paulo, 2015)

/ After Party

Dsviante_Alta with Aaron Kawai (São Paulo, 2014)
Video Projection by Lucca Del Carlo.

/ Video Editing

Graffiti by Eveline Sin. (São Paulo, 2012)
Graffiti by Eveline Sin. (Buenos Aires, 2013)
Aninha. Music by Rodrigo Campos. Performance by Anna Zêpa. (São Paulo, 2012)